HamBSD MB7VX APRS Digipeater


Callsign MB7VX
Frequency 144.800 MHz
Location Old Aberdeen, Aberdeen
Locator IO87we
Mode AFSK 1200 APRS
Gateway Receive-only (APRS-IS; planned not yet operational)
Digipeating WIDEn-N
Looking Glass in development...
NoV Issued 17 Dec 2019
Nov Expiry 16 May 2021
Keeper MM0ROR

Usage Instructions

When in range of MB7VX, send APRS packets on 144.800MHz.

To enable RF-to-RF communication locally, MB7VX may be used as a digipeater. It will digipeat packets according to the "new n-N Paradigm". In practice, this means that you should set your path to include at least "WIDE2-1" or at most "WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1".


Reports are encouraged and should be sent to irl@hambsd.org with the subject line "MB7VX Report".

Station Details


While HamBSD matures, this station is currently controlled by the firmware of the transceiver.


MB7VX uses a Kenwood TM-D700 as its transciever.

Antenna and Feeder

A resonant feedline dipole is installed on the roof of the building.

22 meters of RG58 coax is used to connect the antenna and the radio.

Internet Gateway

A fixed-line internet connection is available at this site, but is not currently used.