HamBSD Source Code

HamBSD's source code is maintained in a git repository. The HamBSD changes are regularly rebased on top of the OpenBSD GitHub mirror.

Getting Source Code

You will need to install devel/git and devel/got from ports in order to obtain and work with the source code.

Start by checking out the latest source code from GitHub. It is recommended to do this somewhere under /home as, at the time of writing, the clone is roughly 2.1GB:

$ cd /home/user
$ git clone --bare https://github.com/HamBSD/src.git

If you do not require the entire history, you can perform a shallow clone instead to only retreive the latest commit:

$ cd /home/user
$ git clone --depth 1 --bare https://github.com/HamBSD/src.git

Then checkout a work tree using got(1):

$ cd /usr
$ got checkout /home/user/src.git /usr/src

To update the tree later:


Source History

As the src.git repository is regularly rebased, there is no history kept of changes to the HamBSD-specific changes over time. In order to provide this, git-format-patch(1) is used to serialise the HamBSD commits as patches which are then version controlled in the patches repository.